A nice review for "Sisters"!

The Pretty Good Gatsby blog had this review of The Space Between Sisters:

The Space Between Sisters is a quick, engrossing read about sibling dynamic and how some bonds can’t ever be broken. A bit of romance, a great setting, and characters so real it felt as though I knew them all blend together to create a fantastic read perfect for a sunny day spent lounging at the beach.---The Pretty Good Gatsby blog

Debbie Macomber!

 I recently got this quote from Debbie Macomber! She's amazing! I'm thrilled she loved my book:

“THE SPACE BETWEEN SISTERS explores the complex relationship between sisters, their differences, their mirrored history, their love and support of one another.  This triumphant story had me reading until the wee hours of the morning.”

   Debbie Macomber, #1 New York Times bestselling author

New Years! 2016

 Here's to the New Year! I'm hard at work on my fifth novel, which means the battle is on to find a quiet (but not too quiet) place to work. There's the local library, a nearby donut shop, and my living room.   I have all my characters in place; now I just need to fine tune the story. And write, write, write. More soon! 

Butternut and sisters....

Just before Thanksgiving I finished my fourth Butternut Lake novel, The Space Between Sisters. I outlined and wrote and edited and wrote some more. But now it'd done! I'm waiting for final approval. Fingers crossed! I do have an approved cover for the book, which you can find in the Books section. I love the cover! It makes me long for summer and we haven't even had winter yet.